Alumni Profile: Caelan Eckard ’20

We asked our brothers where their favorite hang out spots were at UNC and what their favorite event or tradition was. Read on to see what Caelan Eckard ’20 had to say!

Where was your favorite place to go in Chapel Hill, why was this place so special to you?

Plenty of places were special to me. The house, Bob’s, restaurants on Franklin street, the Inn, the Y. Aside from classes in Phillips hall constantly, I tried to spend time at a variety of places and can’t pin down one favorite spot.

What was your favorite event, tradition, or activity to partake in during your college years? Why was it so important to you? Do you still engage with that event, tradition, or activity?

Franklin street after Duke wins (and luckily in our case, the national title freshman year).

As an alum, what do you see as the most valuable part of your Phi Delt experience?

One hundred percent without a doubt the people that I met. I was never the most involved in Phi Delt or greek life events as a whole, but the people I met in Phi Delt are and will continue to be some of my best friends. Great people with similar personalities; driven and incredibly hard working, yet fun and enjoyable to be around.